A secretary embarks on a very modern office romance with an unexpected co-worker. But is it love or is her admirer just after one thing?

  • Produced & Directed By Leon Chambers

  • Written by Keith Storrier

  • Starring Polly Kemp, Glen McCready


Office Romance 2.0 was written by Keith Storrier and stars Polly Kemp and Glen McCready. It was completed in September 2011. There were three cast and crew screenings at The Cameo, Edinburgh, The Kino, Kent and the Curzon Cinema in London's West End.

Office Romance 2.0 screened at San Diego Film Festival, Short Shorts & Asia Film Festival, Newport Beach Film Festival. It was runner up for Best Short at Dam Short Film Festival, Winner of the Audience Award Best Comedy at the Prescott Film Festival and also won Best Short Film San Francisco United Film Festival (2012)

Shot on the RED One Digital Cinema, on location at Viridor's Kings Hill Office and Courtyard Studios in Kent. It was made with a small crew over one weekend. Edited on Final Cut Pro. The grade as with my last two films took place at Prime Focus.

Director's Notes

I had told everyone that the next film I would make would be a feature film, so everyone was surprised when I announced I was making another short film. So why did I? My last two films had been dramas and had been written by myself. And as the feature is going to be comedy and not written by me, I though it was a good idea to make a lighter film, that was written by someone else. I found the script for Office Romance 2.0 via a pitching website. I was looking for a script that could be shot over a weekend, could be made with a small cast, small crew and on a tiny budget. This script ticked all the boxes. After a dozen emails flying back and forth between myself and the writer - Keith Storrier, I had a script. The script also appealed as it was something I could put my own stamp on. It could have ended up as nothing more than a comedy sketch, but I was keen that it was going to have some depth and would be a comedy with a touch of class. So working closely with Tim Sidell who had been my DoP on my last three films and casting Polly Kemp (The Thick of It, Four Weddings and Funeral) in the lead role, helped to achieve that.  The entire film was shot in Kent, with locations at Viridor regional head office in Kings Hill and on a set at Courtyard Studios in Hollingbourne. The story centres around a photocopier, so I spent the Christmas break constructing a set for the copier room and collecting the props including a very large and heavy photocopier I bought on eBay. In fact I managed to buy not only the copier, I also purchased an office cupboard, a paper shredder and even an office door, all for less than £200. As it was approaching Christmas when I collected the copier from a garden shed in Leicester, I named him Clarence after the angel in Wonderful Life. He remained Clarence for the rest of the shoot. Where as Polly was a joy to work with, there were moments when Clarence decided not to perform. They say never work with children and animals. I would add photocopiers to that list...