The Boy - Perry Spencer

The Man - Simon Poland

The Girl - Jade Williams

The Old Lady - Anne Holley

The Other Boy - Zach Ferris

The Landlord - Keith Rookledge

The Locals - Colette Myers, Peter Myers, Ian Newton


Writer / Director - Leon Chambers 

Producer - Gary Rowland

Director of Photography - Tim Sidell

Production Designer - Amy Woodsend

Editor - Leon Chambers

Composer - Philip Chambon

Soprano - Caroline Childe

1st AD - John Hasler

Focus Puller - Adrian Brown

Make-up & Hair - Zoe Eliasson

Props and Set Dressing - Lucy Barter

Sound Recordist - Leon Benning

Set Construction - Alan Chambers

Stills Photographer - Roger Lawrence

Chaperone - Peter Spencer

Stand in - Aaron Ferris

Production Assistant - Sally Holley, Ian Newton, Neil Waterman

Lighting Equipment - AFM Lighting

Camera Equipment - Anglia Ruskin University, FDMX, Shooter Ltd, Panavision

Sound Equipment - Richmond Film Services

Walkie-Talkie Hire - Wavend Communications

Catering - The Unicorn, Marden

Colourist - Duncan Russell

Online Editor - James Allen

Titles & Credits - Munki

Film Laboratory - Soho Images

Online Telecine - The Mill

Post Production Facilities - Prime Focus London

DI Producer - Danny Pagan

ADR & Foley Studio - The Soundhouse

ADR & Foley Engineer - Robyn Smith

Dubbing Theatre - Pinewood Studios

Re-recording Mixers - Richard Pryke, Andy Hagon

Thanks to - Lisa & Matthew Ferris, Nigel Bennett, Andy Orrick, Nigel Pilkington, Len Thornton, Susan Chambers, Mark Greaves, Keith Rookledge, Water for Work, Alison Fearn

Filmed on location in the Weald of Kent, England